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GT Dave’s Synergy Kombucha - Begin Within - 360 Campaign

Every bottle of Synergy kombucha is teeming with real, wild probiotics that restore you and make you feel more alive. So, for the brand’s first national campaign, we wanted to highlight the transformative power of the product and show people that change begins within. 

In a series of :30, :15, and :06 spots, you see nature take hold. As soon as someone takes a sip of Synergy, they appear more invigorated, more alive, and the world around them comes to life as well — with organic elements and natural forms that burst into bloom. 

:30 Begin Within

:15 Made By Nature

:15 Something Pure

:06 - Made to Transform You

Agency: Giant Spoon
ECD: Ian Grody
GCD: Andrew Mellen
ACD, Writer: Erin Hauswirth
ACD, Art: Carla Johnson